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We are now open for acupuncture treatments.  We are operating in a fully Covid-19 compliant way and you can read the full details of our safe practice below. To book a consultation or an appointment, please use the links on the Contact tab above.
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Acupuncture for Headaches & Migraines Huddersfield

Do you struggle with headaches or migraines?

Acupuncture can help

Acupuncture for Fertility Huddersfield

Are you trying to conceive or going through IVF treatment?

Acupuncture can support you

Acupuncture for Pain Huddersfield

Frozen shoulder? Back pain?

Acupuncture is great!

Acupuncture for stress, anxiety, insomnia in Huddersfield

Stressed or Anxious? Insomnia?

Acupuncture is really relaxing !

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Acupuncture by Eileen Mannion

Welcome! You’re probably here because you want to feel better. You might not remember when you last felt good and full of energy?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • You might be fed up of feeling tired, stressed out, anxious;
  • You might have low mood, be struggling to sleep or switch off your mind;
  • You might have menopausal symptoms, menstrual irregularity/pain, fertility issues or be embarking on fertility treatment;
  • You might have bloating or other digestive issues;
  • You might have a musculoskeletal condition such as sciatica, back pain, tendonitis or frozen shoulder.
  • And so on and so on…….

Somewhere along the way you lost the connection to the healthy you.

Maybe it was a stressful job that caused ongoing stress and exhaustion, maybe you never have time to eat properly.  It could be you’re prone to musculoskeletal injuries, which doesn’t seem fair because you make the effort to exercise; maybe you don’t have time to exercise. Is it hard to switch your mind off or fit everything into a day? Perhaps there has been some overwhelming negative event or emotional issue?

I look forward to sharing with you the secret that acupuncture is a therapy that can help get you back on track. I focus on you and your unique symptoms to develop an individualised treatment program. For example, I would probably treat five people a week with sciatica and no two treatments would be identical. Acupuncture addresses not just the symptom but also the root cause to help prevent or reduce recurrence of symptoms.

An acupuncture treatment might also address factors such as lifestyle and nutrition that help promote a long lasting shift in the underlying causes and promote optimal wellness.

About Eileen

Acupuncturist Eileen Mannion offers acupuncture for a wide range of conditions with particular interests in fertility support, menopausal symptoms, musculoskeletal problems, headaches/migraines, insomnia, stress/anxiety & other related conditions.

Eileen studied at Masters level at the Northern College of Acupuncture, York, and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.She works from a comfortable home treatment room and strives to provide the best care and support for her clients.

Treatments include:

Acupressure Massage
Acupressure Massage Huddersfield
fertility acupuncture holistic
Facial Acupuncture
Acupuncture for Hot Flushes