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  • Sciatica Acupuncture Treatment

    Acupuncture for Sciatica

    The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and provides sensation to the outer leg and foot. It originates in the lower back on either side of the spine, runs through the buttocks and into the hips before branching down each leg. Sciatica is a syndrome involving impingement or inflammation of the sciatic …

  • Dietary Approaches to help menopause symptoms

    Liver Qi Stagnation: What is it?

    What is Qi? I asked it as a student, I get asked it as a practitioner. It’s a difficult one. I have become happy with the definition of Qi being the energetics of a particular organ, system, body. Not quite translated to “energy” but similar. Everything has its own characteristic Qi, from rock to ocean …

  • Beetroot Blood Deficiency

    Blood Deficiency: What Is It?

    Blood in Chinese Medicine The quality of our Blood reflects a measure of the available nourishment circulating in our body. Blood nourishes the muscles, organs, brain, every part of us. Its quality depends upon the quality of the food we eat and our ability to absorb nourishment. Blood is therefore dependent on the Spleen, which …

  • What to eat for spleen deficiency

    Spleen Qi Deficiency: What Is It?

    One of the most common things I see in practice is a problem with digestion. This often isn’t the reason people have come for acupuncture but it often crops up during the initial consultation. Most people will have some level of Spleen Qi Deficiency (I’ll have told many of you this!) because we live in …