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  • Nutrition for Healthy Sperm Cells

    Can Diet Improve The Health of Your Sperm Cells? Sperm cells are often the forgotten half of the fertility equation! They are manufactured all the time and so are perhaps more influenced by lifestyle and nutrition than egg cells.  The environment in which they develop is very important as they can be damaged by free …

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    Nutrition for Healthy Egg Cells

    Can Diet Improve The Health of Your Egg Cells? Whilst it is true that you are born with all the eggs you ever have, it is possible to improve the environment in which they develop and mature by following an “egg-friendly” nutrition plan to develop healthy egg cells. Age is, of course, the biggest factor …

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    My Top Three Fertility Tips

    Because there Isn’t a Magic Wand! My top three fertility tips would have to be: stop rushing around and sleep well understand your nutrition and if/how/why it needs to change allow yourself time and try not to be impatient If you’ve read my other posts in the fertility section, then you’ll know that I’m a …

  • secondary infertility

    Can Acupuncture Help Secondary Infertility?

    As well as seeing patients that are trying for their first baby (whether by helping their natural cycle or supporting them through IVF,) I also see quite a few that had no problems conceiving the first but are struggling to conceive the second baby. This is called secondary infertility and is often not expected. What …

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    Acupuncture, Fertility and Nutrition

    This post will question whether there is such a thing as a fertility diet and examines how acupuncture, fertility and nutrition are intertwined elements and best results are achieved when they are considered as a whole. Acupuncture, Fertility & Nutrition Go Hand in Hand Nutrition for fertility is about replenishing and restoring nutritional balance. It …

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    Does Acupuncture For Fertility Work?

    Should I try acupuncture? Many people now use a more holistic approach when they are trying to conceive – massage, nutrition, acupuncture. In particular, acupuncture for fertility is commonly recommended, but does it work and should you consider trying it? How does acupuncture work, and how could it help me conceive? Many people nowadays are …