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Nutrition ebooks


Nutrition for Fertility Plan

You talked and I listened! It can feel overwhelming to navigate all the information out there telling you what to eat and what not to eat. This program lays it all out for you, with recipes and weekly meal plans.

Nourishment for the Menopause

48 pages of knowledge & recipes that are specifically chosen to help balance hormones & alleviate symptoms.

Nutrition for Fertility

Free Guide

Discover how your nutrition can optimise your fertility and why we can’t view fertility in isolation from our other systems.

fertility nutrition

Master the Menopause

Free Guide

Find out which hormones are involved and how nutrition can help alleviate many of the symptoms of menopause.

menopause nutrition hormones

Acupressure Self Care Kits

The AC-YOU-PRESSURE KITS are great both for “topping up” between acupuncture appointments or for your own self-maintenance routine. Each kit includes all you need for a home acupressure treatment, specific to your individual requirements. Small acupressure magnets are applied to specific acupressure points to tap into our natural healing mechanisms. In Chinese Medicine, the fundamental cause of illness and pain is due to a lack of smooth flow of Qi (pronounced chee) along and around specific channels or meridians. Acupressure uses gentle pressure to restore the flow of Qi and correct functional imbalances. This won’t happen overnight, in the same way as your symptoms didn’t appear overnight! Be patient with yourself.


To alleviate feelings of stress and restore calm.

Flow & Flourish

To support a healthy, regular and balanced cycle

Second Spring

To support  perimenopause or menopause symptoms

Acupressure + Supplement Bundles

You can enhance your self-care home treatment ritual by including some of these great dietary supplements from ​D’Ao Labs. These come in the form of effervescent powders that you can simply stir into water and then drink. They contain natural herbs/plants with no artificial flavours or GM ingredients.

Tranquility Bundle

To alleviate feelings of stress and restore calm, the Ac-You-Pressure Kit is coupled with the apple  & cucumber flavoured Emotional Balance supplement.

Flow & Flourish

Whether for fertility planning or to provide a more natural, peaceful and predictable monthly cycle, the Women’s Monthly Kit by D’Ao Labs is paired with the Ac-You-Pressure Kit. PLUS free Nutrition for Fertility ebook

Second Spring

To support  perimenopause or menopause symptoms, the Ac-You-Pressure Kit is combined with two dietary supplements: Physical Tranquility & Emotional Balance. Plus FREE Nourishment for the Menopause ebook.


Emotional Balance

To alleviate feelings of overwhelming stress, irritability, PMS, mental tension…

Physical Tranquility

For the restless and overheated sleeper, including those transitioning the menopause.

Women’s Monthly Kit

For fertility planning/support or to provide a more peaceful and predictable monthly cycle,

Digestive Harmony

For upgrading digestive health  and general gut happiness

Menopause Bundle

Save £5 by combining this classic pair of formulae to help you transition through the menopause