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Acupressure Protocols


Three complete Acupressure protocols to use with your own clients.


Here are three ready-to-deliver Acupressure protocols for you to use with your own clients. The three protocols are Flow & Flourish (for fertility/menstrual issues,) Second Spring (for menopausal symptoms) and Tranquility (to help with the stress that life throws at us.)

Each is in the format of a 3 page pdf that includes detailed descriptions of how to locate the acupressure points and how to apply/replace acupressure magnets. There is also a link to a video tutorial to aid with the point locations.

This format means you never have any printing costs and the PDF can be delivered a limitless number of times.

This product only contains the PDF guides, not the actual acupressure kit; you will need to provide this yourself, probably trying to match the image on the PDF guide.

There is the option elsewhere in the Shop to purchase the “full package” i.e. the protocol and the kits (sets of 10 or 20)