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Acupuncture Social Media Posts – January 2021


31 ready made acupuncture social media posts. With engaging daily themes and beautiful designs, these images are even sorted such that Image 1 is posted on the 1st, Image 2 on the 2nd etc. No more “writer’s block!”


Here are 31 ready made acupuncture social media posts all planned out for the month. The file containing the images to use for the posts is ordered correctly to match each day of the month i.e. image 1 is for Jan 1st, image 2 is for Jan 2nd etc. All you need to do is spend 2 minutes each morning posting the image for that day. Or schedule the whole lot in one go and then forget about it!

I’m not promising that you’ll have the fabled six figure business within a month but am just aiming to make what many find to be an onerous task easier. Many of us just get the equivalent of writer’s block when open Facebook!

The posts are designed to give value to your acupuncture clients when they visit your page. They cover a range of topics including, nutrition, knowledge about acupuncture points, motivational quotes…

Each day has a “theme” and a particular style of post. Monday is “Motivation,” Tuesday focuses on a condition, Wednesday is an A-Z, Thursday is a “Would You Rather….?” Friday is “Food Focus,” Saturday is “What’s the Point?” and Sunday is a “Do You?”

Most of the posts contain a call-to-action or are designed to encourage interaction by asking a question that your clients can answer in the comments. This is what eventually gets you some traction on social media.

“But if I buy these images won’t everybody be seeing the same posts?” I hear you ask. If only Facebook worked as well as that! In reality, only your clients will see your posts, and you’ll be lucky if all of them do!