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Flow & Flourish Bundle


AC-YOU-PRESSURE KIT + Women’s Monthly Kit

Flow & Flourish Ac-You-Pressure Kit

D’Ao Labs Women’s Monthly Kit

Whether for fertility planning or to provide a more natural, peaceful and predictable monthly cycle, the Women’s Monthly Kit by DAo Labs pairs two different Chinese herbal formulas, for two different phases of your cycle.

  • Emotional Balance (Apple & Cucumber flavour) is used during the PMS phase of the month to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, fatigue and all the funk that can proceed a cycle.
  • After bleeding ends, Women’s Formula (Raspberry & Pepper flavour) is used for 4-5 days for better energy, natural replenishment and regularity as you progress into your next cycle.
  • Welcome to a significantly improved month.

Great for:

  • Women seeking a natural, comprehensive solution for a more peaceful, regular cycle and month
  • Those seeking appropriate hormonal strength for fertility support