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Physical Tranquility (Sleep Remedy)


For the physically restless and overheated sleeper.

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Physical Tranquility is for the physically restless and overheated sleeper, who tosses and turns through the night, leaving them agitated and unsettled the next morning.

Physical Tranquility, by DAO Labs, combines 16 powerful herbs with a refreshing blackberry and clove flavour combination that helps one maintain cool, quality sleep throughout the night.

Physical Tranquility comes in a bulk container with approximately 30 servings for a month of blissful sleep. It is a non-habit forming herbal powder that mixes easily with water and can be taken both before bed to transition naturally and calmly to sleep, and during the day as well (if necessary) helping reinforce a better sleep pattern in the nights that follow.

It may take a few weeks for the effects to build up in your system; it is not a quick fix pharmaceutical.

Physical Tranquility is great for:

  • Those who sleep, or not, ┬áhot in the night
  • The physically restless sleeper who tosses and turns
  • Those who experience evening agitation before bed
  • Women in the menopause phase of their lives
  • Establishing a quality, un-interrupted sleep pattern

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