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Second Spring Bundle


AC-YOU-PRESSURE Kit  + Emotional Balance  + Physical Tranquility

  • Second Spring AC-YOU-PRESSURE KIT 
  • 1 month’s supply of D’Ao Labs Physical Tranquility (Blackberry & Clove flavour) to keep the body cool. Take one dose an hour before sleep to promote calm, cool sleep and reduce anxiousness and irritability.
  • 1 month’s supply (2 boxes) of D’Ao Labs Emotional Balance (Apple & Cucumber flavour) to keep your emotions and mood even and calm. Take one dose in the morning and stay calm and balanced throughout the day.

The transition to the Second Spring can be challenging, but actively working to keep the body in balance can manage the feelings associated with menopause and allow you to enjoy and prosper during this new phase of life.


  • All women experiencing any signs of perimenopause
  • Women who experience mood swings, moments of hotness, sleeplessness, anxiousness
  • Women who want to gently balance their hormones during the important transition to menopause, but are looking for alternative options to traditional western solutions