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Welcome to the Practitioner page!

Acu Biz Assistant (it’s me really!) provides quality products to make your clinic run a little bit smoother.

We provide digital products covering a range of topics from TCM Nutrition Plans, Consultation Forms, Patient Centred Information, Lead Magnets, Acupressure Protocols, Social Media support….

The beauty of using digital products in your clinic is that they can be beautifully designed without any expensive print costs.

They can also be swiftly delivered to your clients inbox, saving you hours of time at the laptop devising individual plans for client after client.

Most products can be rebranded to suit your own logo, contact details etc. Please contact by email if you’d like to discuss a rebrand. (Prices vary, dependant upon the product/s.)

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Nutritional  & TCM Knowledge for your Clients

Bespoke TCM Nutrition eBooks

A set of six 45-50 page nutrition plans tailored for TCM diagnoses.

Nutrition for Fertility ebook

50 pages of information, recipes and a two week flying start menu to support your clients at this time.

Nourishment for the Menopause ebook

Almost 50 pages of information, nutritional advice and recipes to support your clients at this time.

Nutrition Library Bundle

All the nutrition ebooks: Bespoke TCM Nutrition, Nutrition for Fertility and Nourishment for the Menopause

TCM Information for Clients​

A set of seven beautiful info. sheets for clients explaining diagnosis, symptoms & dietary tips.

Client Initial Consultation Form

This pdf can be emailed to clients, they can type directly onto the form & return to you.

Lead Magnet ebooks

Nutrition for Fertility Lead Magnet

A beautifully designed 12 page ebook to use as a lead magnet or to send to clients.

Master the Menopause Lead Magnet

A beautifully designed 14 page ebook to use as a lead magnet or to send to clients.

General Acupuncture ebook/ Lead Magnet

A ready made and beautifully designed ebook; use as a lead magnet, have an opt in on your site

 Lead Magnet Bundle – grab all three!

Make a great saving and be prepared to wow everyone with your knowledge and service.

Acupressure Protocols and Kits

Acupressure Protocols

Three complete Acupressure protocols to use with your own clients.

Acupressure Protocols & Thankyou Cards

With this package you will be all set to deliver 3 fabulous acupressure protocols to your clients. Comprises TWENTY kits.

Complete Acupressure Protocols & Kits

All 3 fabulous acupressure protocols, and TWENTY kits (Thankyou cards & consumables)


Facebook Ad Templates + VIdeo Tutorial

A set of 24 Facebook Ad Templates, no more excruciating time wasted on design! Video tutorial included

40 eBook/Document Templates + Video Tutorials

Create beautiful branded products in half the time with these editable templates, plus video tutorials

FREE SAMPLE  eBook Templates

Just a little smorgasbord of the ebook templates that we have available.

Bundle of eBook/Document and Facebook templates

What’s not to like? Both sets of templates in one bundle – in effect the Facebook templates are FREE